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I am an Internationally Collected Artist, Graphic Designer, Surface Designer, Art Therapist, Kindergarten Educator, Illustrator, Mosaic Artist and Mindfulness Teacher from the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Yes, I have had a lot of pivots in my career, but the one thing that has always been a strong theme in my life is that I love art. I have a passion for photography, bushwalking, anything arty, random acts of kindness, and getting in my veggie patch/garden. My grandparents love for their garden holds special memories in my heart.


Ever since I was a young child, I became obsessed with rainbows. My favourite book was called "Annie's Rainbow" by Ron Brooks. 


When my Mum passed away 11 years ago, I saw rainbows as a symbol of hope and light. Next time you look at a rainbow think of the hope and joy it can bring you. A rainbow is a spectrum of luminous coloured light, that appears when the sunlight catches the rain. It often comes in the calm of a storm. It is not tangible. We cannot touch it and as legend states, it has a pot of gold at the end. No one knows where it begins or ends. Life is a journey. From my home to yours, may you be blessed with Sunshine and Rainbows.


I studied Visual Arts at the North Adelaide School of Art and then went on to study Graphic Design. I have had a very successful career as a Graphic Designer, working for Wheel&Barrow as there Head Graphic Designer, as well as headed up Visual Merchandising. I have also pivoted in my career to become an Early Childhood Educator about a decade ago and have had the privilege of working with children with special needs. I have studied Mindfulness and helped facilitate and run both children and adult Mindfulness classes. I have taught art to children and adults and I am now beginning to work towards my dream of supporting myself as a Full-Time Artist. I have a passion for sharing authentic, meaningful art to the community. Art has been a way of helping to heal from grief. The largest influences in my art have come from my love of nature and colour. Australian artist Ken Done is my single largest influence and I am very grateful to have met him when I was a teenager in the late '80s. My favourite painting is housed at the Art Gallery of South Australia. It is a beautiful Painting by Charles Conder, "A Holiday at Mentone". My favourite living artist is also a beautiful friend and Mentor. Her name is Tiffany Kingston @wild_offerings. Her work and rich textural layers and love for the environment inspire me to be a better artist.


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